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World Cup 2019 Indo-Pak clash is never common: Dilip Vengsarkar

World Cup 2019: Though all are special in all the World Cups, there is a lot of enthusiasm in both the sports fans of the two countries regarding India and Pakistan’s World Cup match. However, the cricketers of India and Pakistan often keep the cricket clash between the two countries as a common match for their pressure. According to former India captain and veteran batsman Dilip Vengsarkar, the confrontation between these two countries can not be taken in any way as in general bouts. Dilip Vengsarkar on Abhishek Tripathi especially talked about India’s preparations and prospects in the World Cup. Introducing the key part of that conversation:

– Your performance in England has been great. How are you looking at India in the World Cup in England?

India has a well-experienced team. Even last year, when India visited England, almost all the matches remained close. The Indian team is very good and they have the potential. I think India should go to at least semi-finals. Depending on his performance on that particular day in the semi-final, how will India go?

On this basis, on the basis of Round Robin, every team has to face the other team in the initial phase. What would you say about this?

It’s a format in which everyone will get equal opportunities, which is a good thing. Because it can be a bad day for any big team, but due to this format the team will have a chance to return. This is a beneficial format for everyone.

– In England, you have enjoyed playing for a long time. So what is your opinion about the wicket there?

– The mood of the wicket in England depends a lot on the weather there. I have heard that there is so much heat coming this time. If there is too much heat, then it would be easy to bat there. Spinners can also increase the role. In this way we should feed two spinners together. It would be good for our batsmen too.

India became world champion in 1983 and 2011 and this time it is also considered as a strong contender. According to your team, which team will be more heavy this time?

There were more all-rounders in 1983 and then the atmosphere of England also came to us. If you see now, the England team is very good. England will also get the benefit of playing on their home ground. Australia’s team is also good, because Steve Smith and David Warner have returned to the team. At third place I will keep India, but I have to see how the team performs there this time.

In the last year when England lost in the finals of the Champions Trophy in England, Virat Kohli had said that it should be taken as a common match. Should the Indo-Pak match be taken in the same way as the usual matches?

-No. I do not think the bilateral India and Pakistan matches should be taken only as a common match. The match between these two countries means more than a common match. I think it was a bad day for India in the Champions Trophy.

When you used to go to England, what strategy did you play with that you used to make runs easily?

There was no special strategy because I said before that playing in England depends a lot on the weather there. When the sky is cloudy, the ball revolves around there. In such a situation, you have to bat according to the circumstances. If the day is good you should take advantage of it. You should play your shots, but keep in mind. In England, you have to mold your batting according to the weather. As soon as our team becomes aware of the conditions there, the more benefit we get.

This World Cup is happening in Europe. You are also promoting this league in Europe through Euro T20 slam. What about the future of cricket in Europe?

– The young players of Europe will get the opportunity to play with this famous league in many worlds, which will be a big experience for them. The nuances of cricket can be learned only by landing at a 22 yard pitch. This league is being held in August, when there will be no major tournament in world cricket. In this way the world’s renowned cricketers can easily join this league.

– What would you say about the Indian team playing in the World Cup? What is your opinion about the fourth number, especially because it was being discussed for a long time?

I do not know what the think tank of the Indian team thinks. He has selected a mixed team. I do not know who will feed them at number four, but in this order, KL Rahul can also play and Virat Kohli can also get out.

In 1983, Kapil Dev and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were captain of the Indian team that won the World Cup in 2011. This time Virat Kohli is managing the team. How do you see these three?

-Look, we were not a strong contender for the title in 1983, but as a team we did well. Kapil Dev has done the best. Dhoni’s team was a contender for the title in 2011 and won the title also. In the 2019 World Cup, under the leadership of Virat Kohli, the Indian team is also among the strong contenders of the title. I am hoping to reach the semi-finals of Virat’s team and then see how we play after that.

-Who are you the best captain of India?

I think all are good in my own way. You can not give the best deal to any one.

-What is your best remembrance related to England?

-Winning the World Cup in 1983, I remember the best and goldfish there for me. We beat England 2-0 in the Test series in 1986, where I was also named Man of the Match and Man of the Series. She is also one of the most memorable memories attached to it.

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