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Iran and America will fight in the ‘fight’ of the whole world?

It seems as if America and Iran are going to get rid of the worsening relations, people living in many countries of the world are going to live.

On one hand, while the United States wants to collapse Iran’s economy by forceing its allies to buy oil from Iran, Iran says it is not going to bend any condition.

US President Donald Trump has still decided to end the concessions from sanctions for countries buying oil from Iran.

The White House says the exemption given to China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey will end on May 2.

After this, the restrictions of the United States will also apply to these countries. The US decision has been done to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero. Its purpose is to eliminate the main source of income of the Iranian government.

Not only this, the United States had ratified the Elite Revolutionary Guard of Iran as a ‘foreign terrorist organization’.

The US had gone out of the nuclear treaty between the six countries, including Iran last year.

What America wants?

The reason behind canceling the agreement of President Trump was the reason that he was not happy with the treaty of Iran during the then President Barack Obama in 2015.

Along with this, the United States also criticized Iran’s role in Yemen and Syria war.

The Trump administration hopes that they will force the Iranian government to compromise, and within its scope it will not only be Iran’s nuclear program but also the ballistic missile program.

The US also says that this will also control the “rude behavior” of Iran in the Middle East.

At the same time, Iran has described US restrictions as illegal.

According to Iranian media, the United States is in response to the announcement said Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Jhrif Iran that there are several options for responding to their US restrictions.

Javar Zoraf said that Iran is considering a number of options, and it also includes being separated from the ‘Non-Proliferation Treaty’. He said that if Iran was stopped from selling its oil, it would have serious consequences.

Meanwhile warns top general of Iran that if faced with Iran and much rancor that can close vital Hormuz Strait route strategically.

He said, “that certainly other countries in the oil ship our oil will not ship Strait will be able to cross the strait.”

What will be the effect?

US sanctions have had a major impact on Iran’s economy. Iran’s currency is at record low levels this time.

Annual inflation has increased fourfold, foreign investors are going and the troubled people have done it till the government’s performance.

Apart from this, the growing tension in Iran and USA is threatening to disrupt supply of oil in many parts of the world. Although the US is trying to give the global market and the assurance that the supply of oil will not affect the oil supply so quickly in the world.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that his two associate countries will increase the supply of oil from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and replenish it in Iran.

What will be the impact on India?

General elections are going on in India and the changes being done at the international level are being considered as extremely important.

India is second largest after China, after the biggest buyer of oil from Iran. Concerns are being raised about what the US ban will have on the Indian market.

A spokesperson of India’s Foreign Ministry said, “The government has seen this decision of the US government, we are fully prepared to deal with the impact of this decision.” The petroleum ministry has already issued a statement about this. The government will continue to work with its allies including the United States to safeguard the interests related to its energy and economic security. ”

Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has also written on Twitter that the government is ready with its plan to ensure crude oil supply to Indian refineries. Besides, other oil producing countries will also be supplied at large levels to meet the demand of petroleum products.

According to the BBC correspondent Barbara Plate Usher of the U.S. Department of State, in the last few weeks, Japan and South Korea have either stopped or have reduced the oil imports from Iran. But the effect of the latest decision by the US government can affect the relations of the countries.

According to Barbara, “This is a big problem for India as the US is pressuring it to reduce its oil imports from Venezuela, but India has a deep cultural-political relationship with Iran, so for its envy of Iran It will be difficult to join the US campaign. “

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