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1.    Chewing the food thoroughly and slowly: You need to understand the fact that human brain takes and requires time in order to process when you are eating food, it needs to know that you had enough food. So here we are telling you a tip to play and trick …

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NBA 2k20 Full Rookie Roster

NBA 2k20 is set to release this September and as the game is still a few months away, let’s talk about the roster for a while. Covering each NBA 2k20 Roster can be troublesome but we have manage to list a Prediction of what we might expect from NBA 2k20 …

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NBA 2k20 New Features Wishlist

The last NBA 2k game was the best of its kind and had a lot of new features and modes planted on it. However, there still are a few bugs and a lot of things to be added to make it as real as it gets. Today, we talk about …

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